Tuesday Ten: Poolzercise!

Welcome to our brand spankin’ new blog!! I’m hoping to present some exciting ideas and inspiration, tips and tools to help you with your poolside lifestyle and needs. Today is the Tuesday Ten, in which I will try to bring to you the top ten (in my opinion) of the latest and greatest. Our first “ten”: exercising in your very own (or your friend’s/gym’s very own) swimming pool! I know we are well into bikini season, but it’s never too late to start! Pool workouts are great for lots of  reasons. I’m going to convince you with some of those reasons, and then I’ve rounded up for you a few different workout routines from a variety of sources. Ready? Marco?


photo: fitness magazine

1. One great thing about pool exercises is that you can do it no matter what level you are at. Novice or expert, simply adjust your speed, number of repetitions, or length of interval to increase or decrease the difficulty of any routine. Here’s one example of that from Fitness Magazine.

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 5.15.38 PM

photo: florida bonded pools

2. Secondly, the atmosphere is 100x better than a gym. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the gym! You’ve got to get dressed, drive, find parking, wait for your machine, wipe the other guy’s sweat off of it… all the while feeling self conscious and distracted. There is something so peaceful about being in the water. No frills, no judgment. Lunk alarm not necessary. Create your ultimate workout machine/backyard sanctuary by checking out our gallery. [end sales pitch]

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 5.20.52 PM

photo: purehealthonline.net

3. There are tons of ways to include your whole family on the fun. Install a basketball hoop or volleyball net, or host your own swimming pool olympics! 4. It works your full body and is low impact. Water aerobics has all the benefits of working out, but without all the strain on your back and joints. Plus, you’re working muscles that you sometimes miss at the gym. 5. And finally, you don’t break a sweat! It’s a fun and refreshing workout. Win, win, win! Feeling inspired? Motivated? PUMPED?! Ok, ok, don’t make me ring the lunk alarm on you. Onto the exercises! 6. The Fat Blaster make-a-splash-PV0712-298x232 Prevention.com lays out an amazing “fat blasting” workout that claims to burn 300 calories in under 30 minutes, and help you loose 8 pounds by the end of the summer. This well written article includes photos and instructions for several circuits that target trouble areas, as well as tips to boost your burn.     7. The Thigh-Thinnerer


photo: health.com

Of all the trouble spots, thighs might be my most troubled part. If I could, I would send them to a camp for troubled thighs and welcome them back at the end of summer, tanned and scared straight. But that isn’t reality, friends. So Im turning to MaryBeth Pappas Baun’s thinner thigh workout, from her book Fantastic Water Workouts. It’s a 10 minute workout that can be done circuit-style to increase heart rate. This Health.com feature also includes helpful trainer tips.   8. The Fun Noodle


photo: self.com

When it comes to workouts, I’m of the “less-is-more” school of thought. Sometimes I find myself looking back at a magazine multiple time to get all the moves straight (please tell me I’m not the only one…). So these simple, easy routines from self.com are just my cup of blended margarita, no salt tea. And, it includes everyone’s favorite pool toy, the pool noodle!   9. The Lazy Man’s workout


photo: shape.com

I call this the lazy man’s workout because at first glance, it looks like moves that I already do mindlessly when I’m hanging out in the pool talking to my friends. But, done with conviction, these are a little more intense.   10. The Olympic Hopeful


photo: Randi Berez

When I stumbled upon this article, I was surprised by how little of the information I actually knew. Selene Yeager interviewed a doctor, a swim coach and an olympic swimmer about the benefits of swimming for Woman’s Health Magazine. The article includes details behind the science of swimming, and the benefits of different strokes, with detailed instructions. She also gives a chart with a comprehensive lap-swimming workout plan, and extra moves to try after you hop out of the pool.   I hope you are feeling inspired and motivated to hit the pool! What about you, lovely reader? What do you do to stay active in the pool? Tell us in the comments!


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