Tuesday Ten: Living it up

It’s time for another Tuesday Ten, and this week I’ve been thinking about patio furniture. I’ve been eyeing a set recently, but second-guessing if it’s something my family will use often enough to justify spending the money. Planning your outdoor living space is a big deal. You want to have the perfect arrangement to fit your lifestyle, as well as your entertaining style. But what if you aren’t sure what that is? Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or finally designing your dream yard, here’s a quick quiz to help you figure out which outdoor living space best will best suits your needs.


1. When I invite people over to my home, I usually:

a. Plan the whole shindig out to a tee. No detail is too small.

b. I don’t have to invite people, they just show up! My house is party central!

c. Play it by ear. I’ll pick up a little, or not, and turn on some tunes.


2. My parties usually happen:

a. Around the dining room table.

b. All over the house. Standing room only!

c. In the living room, on the couch, wherever is comfiest and coziest!


3. I usually like to invite:

a. an interesting mix of 6-8 people.

b. anyone and everyone.

c. only my closest family and friends.


4. When it comes to food:

a. I’m out to impress! Multiple courses, sometimes themed, I pull out all the stops and don’t shy away from a challenge.

b. I like to keep the fare light and portable, but delicious. Tasty cocktails, cheeses, canapés, etc.

c. If there’s nothing in the pantry, then its whatever my guests bring.


5. When decorating for a party:

a. The table is set with beautiful, season-inspired place settings, candles and place cards.

b. Its all about ambiance. Great music and lighting is all I need.

c. Um, I put the kids’ toys away. Does that count?


If you scored…

mostly a’s

The Entertainer Extraordinaire

You’re the hostess with the mostess! Your entertaining inspiration is Martha Stewart (that’s your nickname, actually). A nice-sized table (one with a removable leaf) and chairs is probably your best bet. Lots of greenery will definitely add intimacy. Throw in some cafe lighting, and your yard is now the hottest restaurant in town.







mostly b’s

The Canoodler

Hey party animal! Your get-togethers are more of the dancing-on-the-table variety. Your backyard living space should be flexible and festive. A fire pit, a bar (definitely a bar), and a couple of fun seating areas (maybe varying levels) provide a lively, dynamic setting for your upbeat soirees!

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mostly c’s

The Lounger

Relaxed and casual is more your speed. Something comfortable and intimate, like a sectional or a chaise and a few low tables would allow you and your regular posse to sit back and enjoy each other’s company in style. Add a fireplace or pergola and some plants to make it even cozier. da7be988ec94f7e6f22b090a8933ade093273ff0aacfcb9e796b5e7fd19167876344991461f563e9343a19b95d57157f


For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Outdoor Living Areas board on Pinterest!

So, what’s your entertaining style? What’s one backyard element you have been dreaming of? What’s something your backyard bash wouldn’t be the same without?  Tell us in the comments!


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