Pool Extras


Today’s post is all about swimming pool add-ons, and it comes from our website blog! A lot of these posts are specific to home owners who are interested in care and upkeep of their swimming pools. So if you’re looking for something more practical and less lifestyle-focused, swing by our website and browse the topics. Enjoy!


Inground swimming pools are one of the best assets to have if you are a homeowner.  They are just tremendous to relax in and enjoy on a hot summer day, or to have friends over for a barbecue and pool party.  When you first bought your inground pool, chances are that you had to stick to a pretty strict budget.  You likely had to cut some corners and could not have everything that you had initially envisioned.  Thankfully, pool renovators can be brought in to make your pool look good as new again, and to bring some fun add-ons to your pool.  These may be add-ons that you could not afford in your original budget, but are far more feasible now. Let’s take a look at some fun add-on options for your pool.


Stacked Stone Raised Beam


Tanning Ledges to Catch Some Rays

One thing that many INGROUND POOLS have now are tanning ledges.  These are raised surfaces of the pool that come up so that you can sit or lie on them, while being in just about six inches to a foot of water.  The benefit of the tanning ledges is that you can get a lot of sun, while still staying cool in the water.  These are something that can be added on as part of a pool renovation and improvement job.


Diving Boards and Slides

Pools are great for kids.  When you first got your pool, you may not have had a need for a diving board or a slide.  Now that you perhaps have a few teenagers running around, adding these on to your pool could provide them with a lot of fun.  These are fairly simple add-ons that do not really carry a high price tag; definitely worth a look if you have kids or if you are a kid at heart.


Pool Waterfall

Some of the more luxurious pools all have waterfalls that go into them.  These man-made waterfalls are miniature in size and are usually accompanied by some sort of rock wall structure.  They add a real feeling of nature to the pool and a sense of serenity.  The sound of the waterfall splashing into the pool can prove to be very relaxing.


Improve Safety Features of Your Pool

Pool safety features can also be improved.  Examples of these could include new, wider steps that make it easier to get in and out of the pool.  Perhaps you could only afford a ladder into your pool originally.  This could be a chance to add a level of safety that you did not have before for you and your guests using the pool.


Pool add-ons can be a lot of fun.  Renovation companies have gotten quite good at building off of a pre-existing inground pool and making it better in all areas.  The best thing to do is to brainstorm and reach out to a professional renovation company to see what they can do with your ideas.

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What are some of your favorite pool extras?


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