Inspired: Bienvenido a Miami!

If you’ve ever been to Miami, or turned on a television, you know the city has a style all of its own. One look at the pretty pastels and art deco facades, and you feel instantly transported to another time. A time of effortless beach-y glamor and crisp white suits and Don Johnson in a sexy red corvette… wait, what?

Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling inspired by the clean, easy style of the South Beach. Here are some tips to help you achieve the classic look, be it for your house or your person.


Panama Hat

This looks great gussied up with a pretty white sundress or maxi dress, or pared down with cutoffs and a tank top.






The Palette

When you think Miami, all kinds of colors probably come to mind… Hot oranges and reds bring to mind hot nights dancing along to loud live salsa music. Pastels are reminiscent of lazy days spent strolling past the beautiful architecture. And the all-white look, which is always in vogue, makes me want to sail along the coast. Or at least spend then day sipping cocktails by the water. Whatever you fancy, these colors set the tone.


even your patio looks good in Miami hues




Quirky Accessories

Oh, my favorite. Who doesn’t love a little piece of unexpected charm?


toucan clutch, anyone?


these are perfect for serving fizzy whiskers! (See last week’s post…)



One of the more romantic, dreamy eras in art history comes alive on the streets of Miami (or your backyard)!


imagine this as the gate to your pool…




 A Unique Pool! (of course!)

When designing a backyard oasis of your own, why conform? Let a vibrant city be your inspiration!

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You can find all the photo sources, along with more ideas on our Miami inspiration board on pinterest.

Feeling inspired? What are some of your favorite Miami looks? Is there another city that impacts your style choices?


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