Ay Caramba!

You only have a few more weekends left to squeeze in one last summer-y party! What’s it going to be?? Ice cream social? Nah, too kiddie. A barbecue? Eh, been there, done that. You need something lively and festive. Easy, bright decor and delicious food… yes, a FIESTA!!

Today I’m going to give you a few tips to throwing an awesome end-of-the-summer party, spanish-style! I even did a clever writer trick and made an alliteration! Get ready.


des colores

While conducting scientific research on this topic, I discovered a lot of colorful decor. Mexican blankets make beautiful table cloths, or picnic blankets if your lacking table space )or just want a more casual vibe). Layering textiles makes for a cozier feel in general.

Prayer flags, paper flowers and pinatas (more alliterations! The teacher in me beams with pride…) are some other effortless ways to add fun, vibrant color to your party.

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Of all the centerpiece ideas out there, cacti is my favorite. I especially love this unexpected touch in a bright tomato can. And when the party is over, bring them into your kitchen to add a pop of color.





8835013784_f8142dd61b_cThrow a summery "Fiesta" party with margaritas, taco bar and colorful piñata. 430d52bebfd19d5cc22edbff28914405


comida caliente!

Mexican food in general is fun, easy, and colorful. There are tons of recipes and ideas out there. Here are just a few.

These stuffed poblano peppers are perfect for a sit down dinner. They are easy to make, but super impressive. Add ground beef or turkey if serving as a main course.DSC08496

Chorizo and potato empanadas are great for a more casual get together, since they are finger foods. I would make these with a cool and creamy dipping sauce, like an avocado ranch.


A taco bar is always a fun option. Why not mix it up? Instead of a bowl of greasy ground beef, grill up some shrimp and/or fish, and make a colorful and tangy slaw.


And a tip for free… Get a small can of chipotle peppers in adobe sauce. Mince a chipotle pepper and mix it with 1T of the sauce and about 1/4c greek yogurt (or more if you aren’t too keen on heat). This is my favorite spicy condiment! It goes great with tacos, enchiladas, etc. Don’t forget the save the can for a succulent planter!

What would you add to make your mexican fiesta complete? Any crisp, summery beers you would recommend?

For photo credits and LOTS more fiesta ideas, check out our party time pinterest board!


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