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Today I’m bringing another blog from the This one is appropriate, because it talks about designing a pool that plays up the favorite parts of your home, and hides the flaws. This is something our designers did especially well on a recent project. Our client had some issues with drainage. A florida room would flood during heavy rainfall. Our designers solved this drainage problem with a split level deck. The client also wanted to have a view of the spa from her favorite spot in the living room. Done and done!





This raised planter is a fancy touch, amiright?





Deciding to add a new swimming pool to your backyard is a great investment in the entertainment value of your home.  A swimming pool adds a great deal of options in terms of what you can do with your friends, family, or just by yourself to lounge in your own backyard and enjoy the great weather that a state such as Florida has to offer.

One of the keys to any new swimming pool, though, is what is designed around it.  If you are going to spend all of that money buying and installing a brand new swimming pool, you want to at least be sure that you have things around it that are going to accentuate it.  This means designing your backyard around your new swimming pool so that it can be fully taken advantage of, whenever possible.  Let’s take a look at the best way to start this design process.

The Pool

Measure Out the Space That is Available

The starting point for any backyard design to go around a new swimming pool is the space that is available.  Measure out the space to see what there is in terms of available options to you.  If you have plenty of room, the sky is the limit in regard to what you can do.  If you have limited space around your new swimming pool, you want to be sure that your design is going to maximize that space as best as possible.

More spacious areas may be able to handle things such as a wrap-around deck around the swimming pool.  This could allow you and your friends to lounge out around the pool with great ease, hopping in and out of it without ever having to leave the deck area.

In the event that you have less space, something like a patio near the pool may be more fitting.  This could be something as simplistic as a concrete patio that allows for a sitting area around the pool.  The great thing about a patio is that it can fit in just about any area, no matter what size is available.

Consider the Use of the Pool

The use of your new swimming pool can also dictate what you want from a background design standpoint around it.  If you plan on using the swimming pool more for fitness and relaxation, then you are likely going to want to design your backyard to accentuate those aspects of it.  This could include doing things such as leaving area for a diving board for the fitness aspect, or area for a lounge chair around it so that you can relax by it.

You may also want to design the backyard to make the pool more of a social asset.  Pools can be a great thing when you want to have friends over for a backyard pool party or some other get together.  Designing a backyard to accompany this type of activity is going to entail taking a more mass approach to the design.  You’ll want to think about things such as seating capacity around the pool, where everyone is going to be able to relax and dry off, and so on.

The other things to consider when designing a backyard for a pool that will be made more for social gatherings, is the little extras.  Things that people usually forget about are factors such as the ability to have music outside and lights.  New advancements in outdoor audio have made it easy to install some cool things like rock speakers that are hidden, but pack a very nice punch from an audio perspective.  In regard to the lights, you do not want everyone out in the pitch black at night trying to swim.  If you plan the backyard design to allow for proper lighting, the pool party doesn’t have to stop when the lights go out.

The backyard design around a swimming pool is key to the enjoyment that your pool provides.  You want the design to be based around what you plan on using the pool for most.  If it is intended to be a serene escape for you to go and unwind in, then build the backyard to be that little piece of paradise that you seek.  If the intention is more for it to be used as a tool to throw backyard pool parties, then focusing more on outdoor seating options and entertainment should be the focus so that you can end up with a layout that is appealing to your guests.  No matter which way you end up going, designing a backyard to bring out what you want from your pool most will really accentuate your pool’s value.

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What are some features of your yard that you would like to downplay or play up?? Also, are there any other topics you would like to see on this blog? Tell us in the comments!


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