au naturale

Although I’ve yet to see one in person, natural swimming pools are popping up a little more often on my pinterest feed. I love them! They can resemble a lake, pond, creek, or even the ocean. I did a little research and found some more information from a few experts, as well as installation tips. Here’s the skinny:


  • they’re natural! they don’t require chemicals and are healthy to swim in
  • full creative freedom on design
  • they are home to frogs, dragonflies, and other interesting creatures (personally, this is part of the charm, but I get it–probably a con for most…)


  • they require a lot of space. It is recommended that 50% of the water be used for filtration
  • water will not be perfectly clear. there will always be some sedimentation and algae
  • higher cost


These are just a few points. But maybe the look of these beautiful pools are worth the drawbacks. Check out the photos below and decide for yourself…


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Have you ever been in a man-made natural swimming pool? Tell us about it! Also, look at our Natural Pools pinterest board for photo credits and many more ideas.

Here are some more resources on natural swimming pools:


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