Pool Time: Reno Edition

Hi Everyone! Here is another blog from our website on pool renovation… something you may want to consider while you wait for swimming season to come back around, yes?

Swimming pool renovation is becoming more and more common every day.  In states such as Florida, where a pool is utilized year-round, it endures quite a beating.  The wear and tear on a pool can be seen over time, especially when it is heavily used by your family, friends, and neighbors.  It is important to keep up on the renovation of your swimming pool so that it can continue to function at its peak.  When is the best time, though, to go through a pool renovation project?  Let’s take a look at factors to consider.

beautiful swimming pool surrounded by chairs and flowers

Think About What Needs to be Renovated

The extensiveness of your pool renovation project could make it easier or harder to pick the best time.  Think about what needs to be renovated and see what fits best in terms of the use of your pool.  If something such as your pool heater needs to be repaired or replaced, this could easily be done during more peak periods of use in the summer months, since the heater wouldn’t be used that much anyway.  More extensive renovation projects, though, will require you to really evaluate time periods where the pool is not in use quite as much.

Pool Renovation Projects Can Take Time

A pool renovation project does require a bit of time.  During a more intense renovation project, such as one that includes replacing a liner, working on the structure soundness of the pool, and so on, the pool is likely going to be out of commission for a period.  In order to properly schedule out this time of non-use of the pool, think about when you may not be using the pool quite as much.  The winter months immediately come to mind, when chances are that you are not going to be jumping in the pool every day and night.

Another consideration could be whether or not you are going to be going on a vacation for a week or so.  if you are going to be out of town for a week, that could be a great opportunity for the pool renovation company to come in and do the work on the pool.  It won’t be used anyway, so they will be able to do their work and have it all fixed up and ready for you for when you get back.

The key to any pool renovation project is proper planning.  Knocking your pool out of commission for maintenance right when you want to use it most is not an ideal situation.  If you can plan it out, though, for periods of time when the pool isn’t going to be used quite as much, the renovation projects can be much more manageable and far less straining on your overall pool enjoyment.  Some renovation projects are necessary to be done immediately.  In these cases, there isn’t much you can do from a planning perspective.  When you can schedule them out though, take into account what needs to be fixed, how long it will take, and when your pool will be used the least.

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