Halloween tends to sneak up on me, which(witch?) is kind of fitting, I suppose. This year, I’ve started planning for it early, and I’m even entertaining the idea of entertaining! An outdoor party would be tons of fun, especially if I include pool decor in my planning…

  rubber gloves filled with glow sticks look like creepy hands under the water…8ad9abb2-40bb-4902-a95a-352798580d0d

a sexy skeleton in the spa…


or, just fill it with a bunch o’ blood (food coloring?)


here are some more ways to use skeletons…



I love this ghosty figure. You can’t even paint it with glow in the dark paint. Put several in your yard to resemble the dancing ghosts from the Disney Haunted Mansion. Learn to make this chicken wire ghost here.


This idea is so simple, but so spooky. I’ll definitely be doing this!



And here are a few costume ideas I’m considering. I always love retro-inspired costumes. A dead housewife or a black & white mobster would be lots of fun. And of course, anything Day of the Dead related is super fun and festive!




What are your Halloween plans? Favorite traditions? Costume ideas? Check out our Party Time pinterest board for photo creds and lots more ideas!


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