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Happy Weekend! It’s officially chilly here in Florida, which means it might be time for you to the the plunge of a different variety… install a beautiful new swimming pool! If you start now, you’ll be all set for when the weather warms up again (in the blink of an eye). Before you do, here are some things to think about, courtesy of our website blog.
Feet By The Swimming Pool


Buying a new swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable purchases that you will ever make as homeowner. When you buy a brand new swimming pool, you are making an investment in your home that is going to reap a great deal of benefits. Swimming pools are great for a multitude of things including exercise, entertainment, as well as just eye-candy to give your yard some real pop. As with any major purchase, though, there are some factors that you need to consider before you jump in and just outright buy your brand new swimming pool.

So what is there to consider when buying a brand new swimming pool? The first thing is preparation of the area under the swimming pool. Other factors to consider include the safety of your yard around the swimming pool, as well as buying a pool that is going to be most useful for those who are going to use it the most. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors and see how they should play into your Jacksonville, FL pool buying decision.


Many homeowners will just go to a store and start looking at swimming pools. They’ll know what their budget is and begin to see what pools will allow them to stay within that budget that they have set. One of the biggest things to consider, though, is the amount of money and work that is going to be needed to get your yard ready to accept the pool itself. When a pool is just dropped onto a backyard, that usually spells trouble for the long-term value and prospects of the swimming pool. Preparation work needs to be done of the area under the swimming pool, which can take time and cost money.

It is important to work in the amount of money needed to prepare the area under your pool when considering what your budget is. This is due to the requirement that a swimming pool be placed down on a solid and level surface. When swimming pools are dropped down on a backyard that is not ready, they can end up being not level. This can cause the structural integrity of the swimming pool to break down over time, harming the lifespan of the swimming pool a great deal.


Another factor to consider when buying a new swimming pool in Jacksonville, FL is the safety of the yard around the swimming pool. Anyone who has ever studied insurance, law, or liability in any way knows that the homeowner is responsible if anyone were to wander into the backyard and be harmed by getting into the swimming pool. The safety of your yard around the swimming pool is of the utmost importance.

The safety of a swimming pool typically comes down to what is around the yard to close it in and protect it from trespassers. The easiest way to usually protect your swimming pool is to simply put up a fence around the yard. This is is going to restrict the ability of a young curious child just wandering over and hopping into the swimming pool.


The last factor to consider when buying a new swimming pool is focusing on who is going to use the pool the most. This means that you should be buying a swimming pool with the intent of pleasing those who will spend the most time using it. If this means you using it for exercise purposes, then a longer pool that is more suitable for laps may be something to consider. If it is going to be young children, then a pool that is safer and more shallow may be the route that you take. You want to buy a pool for those who are going to use it the most. This will allow the pool experience to be tailored toward them so that they get the most enjoyment possible out of it.

When you make the decision to buy a new swimming pool, you are doing a great service to your family and your home. Pools are an asset that can reap a great deal of benefits and provide years upon years of entertainment and enjoyment. Taking into consideration factors such as the preparation time, safety, and design of the pool can all help make the pool buying experience a tun and rewarding one.

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