To heat, or not to heat?

Here is a throwback post from last year, but still relevant to you Floridian pool owners today.


For those living with swimming pools in Jacksonville, the necessity of having a heater installed might at first sound preposterously irrelevant. All the memories of sweating through those swelteringly humid summer months may have you thoroughly persuaded in keeping a pool as cool as conceivably possible. A heater would be a complete waste of money and time when the weather here makes everything hot enough as it is!

It may surprise many to hear then that the climate of Jacksonville is exactly what makes installing a heater worthwhile. Although making an immediate association of swimming in pools with the summertime use is logically understandable, there’s no reason not to enjoy a swim during milder seasons as well. Around Jacksonville it’s entirely viable to have the ability to open a personal swimming pool in April and keep using it until October. In the following, you’ll discover three of the best reasons why installing a heater can give you the most out of your swimming pool.


Swimming pools with heaters will keep a generally constant temperature regardless of environmental fluctuations. People reluctant to take the time adapting to a freezing pool after a particularly brisk night will have no reservations when diving into a heated pool. A heater helps make that initial plunge go from a teeth-chattering shock to the system, to a refreshingly cozy submersion of the body. Having a predictable pool may ultimately seem inconsequential, but in actuality provides a greater likelihood that a pool in Jacksonville is consistently used.


Going along with having a more comfortable swimming pool in general, warmer water can also be mentally and physically therapeutic. Using your pool more often will likely improve your mood. Not only does swimming provide enjoyable exercise opportunities, it tends to be an all-around gratifying activity to perform. So whether you’re intently completing a few laps around or simply splashing about with the kids, it will all benefit your overall frame of mind when done with more regularity.

Beside the mental benefits, swimming in warmer water has physical advantages as well. Cold water causes muscle tension, which leads to an increased chance of a cramp or strain. Cold waters can also take a toll on the health of children or the elderly. On the other hand, warm water eases physical adjustment leading to less overall stress on the body when going for a swim.


Even with the rewards above, the bottom line when it comes to installing a pool heater is presumably just that: the bottom line. Will a heater be worth the expense for a home in Jacksonville?
There’s no sugarcoating the fact that heaters for pools are costly. However, if you envision you and your family using your pool more, a heater can eventually pay for itself. Since temperatures in Jacksonville begin becoming suitable for swimming with a heated pool in early spring and end around the middle of fall, it’s possible to nearly double the amount of time a pool is open.

Nevertheless, only if you feel confident you can adequately utilize this extended pool availability should you install a heater.

If you think you can use it, then one final motive to consider is that heated pools tend to boost property values. For those in the market for a new home, the luxury of heated pools can certainly entice, which subsequently allows the owners to raise asking prices. If you are considering a heater for your pool, this is a great long-term value rationale to weigh into the decision.

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