Is Swimming Pool Renovation a Worthy Investment?

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Is Swimming Pool Renovation a Worthy Investment?

Swimming pools are an incredible asset to have as part of your home.  They can be great for a variety of things, from exercise, to entertainment, to just relaxation and isolation from our busy worlds.  As with any asset, though, they do break down over time.  A swimming pool is not a cheap thing to initially purchase and have installed in your home or in your backyard.  This is why so many people end up turning to pool renovation versus replacement when the time comes to get the pool back up to snuff so it can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Swimming pool renovation projects are often thought of as quick fixes to problems with pools.  This could not be farther from the truth.  While it may be factual that fixing a pool is faster than replacing it, a pool renovation project can go above and beyond just putting a band aid over a bigger problem that the pool may have.  Swimming pool renovations really come down to doing a full-blown assessment, evaluation, plan design, and repair of everything that your pool is starting to falter with.  Is it a worthy investment?  Let’s take a closer look.


We all think from time to time that we know exactly what is wrong with our swimming pool.  The fact is, though, that the pool may have an underlying issue that we may not know about.  The first major part of a pool renovation project is the initial evaluation and/or assessment of where your pool currently stands.  This is going to be completed by a Jacksonville, FL pool expert that is goinqg to take a look at your pool from top to bottom.  The idea here is to figure out where the pool is having issues.  All of this is going to be logged so that from there, a renovation plan design can be created to tackle each and every one of those issues in the most effective and efficient way possible.


A swimming pool renovation project needs to be designed so that one thing gets fixed after another in a sequential order that makes sense.  Pool renovation experts are going to be able to come in and, based on their evaluation and/or assessment begin to map out exactly how they are going to renovate your pool.  This will include a timetable, scheduling everything out, pricing the job, figuring out the parts that are needed, and so on.  Once the design phase is done, it is time to get ready for the full-blown renovation of that pool you love.


The great thing about a pool renovation project is that it really is going to hit on all of the problem areas that your pool has.  If there are issues with the lining of the pool, that can be addressed.  If some of the equipment, such as the filter is starting to break down, it can be repaired or replaced.  A swimming pool is similar to an automobile in that, in the majority of cases, it can be refinished to look as good as new again.  This is as long as the job is executed by someone or a company that knows exactly what they are dealing with.


The true value in a pool renovation project comes in the fact that it is simply cheaper and easier to renovate the pool that you already have versus replacing it entirely.  A swimming pool renovation project is going to encompass a complete overhaul of the pool you have.  By renovating versus replacing, you are not buying a brand new expensive pool.  You will also avoid the cost of getting rid of your old pool and getting the ground ready for the new one.  It is a cleaner way to continue to enjoy your pool and save money in the process.

Swimming pool renovation projects continue to be the go to solution for pool owners in Jacksonville, FL and abroad.  The ability to renovate your pool and the money savings that it brings will ensure that you can keep your pool running and it be as enjoyable as possible when you need it most.  As an investment, a pool renovation project is more than worthwhile, it is invaluable.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and renovate? No? How about roll up your sleeves and dial the phone? Alright! 904.686.9250. 🙂


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