How Does Your Garden Grow?

A house without a garden or orchard

is unfurnished or incomplete.”

-A. Bronson Alcott

Spring is coming, and I’m excited to start planning my garden. Gardens can be as different from one to the next as the people who make them. If you are feeling resolved to start one for the first time, or even just thinking about changing it up, I have a few things for you to consider…

First off, consider the size. Will it take up a large percentage of your yard? Will it line the perimeter? Or can it fit in a large container? Then, consider the purpose. Is it for food? Is it a creative outlet? Or is it just for pure enjoyment? I know those are a lot of questions to try and answer today, so I’m going to try and help you out with the type of garden you might want. I’ve narrowed it down to three different styles…


This is the one I’m going for. My husband an I are really into cooking, so a garden that produces plenty of produce choices for us is a must. First, figure out where your garden plots/boxes/rows/whatever system you plan on using, will be. Shop through seed catalogs or region-based resources, or talk to an expert at a local nursery to figure out what seeds will work best for you/your menu. Don’t forget to check which fruits and veggies can/cannot grow together. Companion planting can be your best friend or worst enemy.

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Relaxing Retreat

If your backyard is a place for escaping tasks like menu-planning and cooking, then maybe a quiet getaway is more your speed. Think ambiance, with lush ground cover, sweet fragrant flowers, and a space for curling up with a good book, journal, or pillow.

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Kid Friendly

If you have kids, then come July you’ll probably be itching for a place for them to get out of your hair and get out their excess energy. What better place than an inspiring, creative, educational escape? For a garden space that will keep curious kids engaged, think hands-on activities, fortress-like hideouts, and creature-attracting projects.

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Which garden is your speed? I’ve pinned a lot of other ideas and options on our new pinterest board, which I’ve named after A Secret Garden (as well as links to the above photos).

Happy planting!


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