wildest dreams

In my opinion, the best thing about Pinterest is that it is fuel for your daydreams. Whenever I have a “crazy” idea, be it for the garden, the office, or my “someday” house, pinterest connects me to an endless supply of creative solutions for whatever my heart dreams up. Even better, all of these ideas are made more attainable by countless DIY blogs and advice columns. Here are some recent fancies…

My dream bathroom… a spa-like retreat


my dream appliance… a brick or cob pizza oven


…with a lush-covered pergola


my dream trip… a trek up Machu Pichu, Peru


my dream pool… a nature retreat


What do you daydream about? Tropical vacations? Fancy kitchen upgrades? The Jags going to the Superbowl? Also, how many past daydreams have you made a reality thanks to good ol’ Al Gore (the interwebs)? Please share!!


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