pool reno: weighing options

Hello there! Hope you are enjoying your spring thus far. Started any DIY projects? Made any yummy cocktails? Considered a makeover? If you are toying with the idea of a renovation, here are a few things to consider. This article is from our website blog, btw.


Swimming Pool At The Hotel In Holiday Resort

Pools are unfortunately not built to last forever.  Just like a car is going to begin to break down over time, so is a swimming pool.  When it comes time for your pool to get some attention in terms of either a repair or a replacement, owners are faced with a difficult task.  Should they replace their pool entirely for a brand new swimming pool or just see if they can have their current pool renovated?  When faced with this decision, many often find that the renovation route is the more efficient and less costly option of the two.

So why is pool renovation so popular among pool owners?  It really comes down to dollars and cents for the majority of homeowners.   Pool owners want to try and save as much money as possible while ensuring that their pool is ready for enjoyment at all times.  It’s like buying a car.  When your breaks go do you immediately get rid of your old car for a new one or do you pay the few hundred dollars for new breaks?  Pool renovation is simply far less costly than is buying a brand new swimming pool outright.  Let’s take a closer look at exactly why pool renovation is much less expensive than buying a new swimming pool.

Chances Are Your Pool Isn’t a Complete Disaster

Pools do break down over time.  There may be issues with the liner of the pool or some issues with the filter, water pump, and so on.  The reality, though, is that your pool probably isn’t totaled.  It is best to compare a swimming pool to a car in this sense.  Say you get in a car accident and your car is considered to be completely gone.  The cost to repair the vehicle is going to be above and beyond what it would cost to buy a new car of the same type of and quality.  This is when it makes sense to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

It is not too often though that an asset is completely totaled in this capacity, especially with an asset such as a pool.  In the majority of cases a pool is simply going to be broken down due to one or two main components of it.  This means that you are likely going to be able to have those components repaired and renovated for far less cost than you would having the entire pool replaced in its entirety.  Why get rid of the good components of your pool when the whole thing isn’t broken?

Saving on the Cost of Deconstruction and New Installation

There are a lot of added costs that go along with replacing an old swimming pool for a new one.  These are costs that are going to go above and beyond just the cost of the new swimming pool itself.  When you choose to replace your old pool with a new one, you first need to get rid of your old pool.  The costs associated with the deconstruction of the pool are going to increase the costs of the new pool.  Once your old pool is gone, you are also going to have to have the ground re-prepare for the new pool.  These costs of deconstruction and the new installation of the swimming pool are going to greatly increase the price tag of getting a new pool versus renovating your old pool.

Having Extra Money for Fun Upgrades

When you choose to renovate your current pool versus buying a new one you may find that you have some extra money left over for some fun upgrades.  This could be something such as having a slide going into the pool or perhaps having a diving board to jump off of.  These little additions can be added along with a pool renovation project, all while keeping the price tag of the renovation still far below the overall cost of having a new pool installed altogether.

Renovating your swimming pool is traditionally the more cost effective option when you run into an issue with your pool.  The cost involved with repairing and renovating your pool may seem high, but when you compare it to the cost of a new swimming pool you’ll see the immense savings that are there.  Your pool is typically going to be able to be renovated and when that option arises, it is typically the better of the two to go with to not only save money but to also save that pool you love so much.

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