Pleasantly Surprised

The first two days of this Clean Eating Cleanse have definitely been interesting. I mentioned my initial frustration with the whole thing. It is a bit intense. Between shopping lists, schedules and recipes, there are 61 pages of printables. Once you get past all of that, as well as all the negative connotations behind “diet” and “cleanse”, it’s actually pretty good so far! I’ll give you a few highlights from the first few days…

1. It’s pretty.

It puts a big smile on my face to see a refrigerator full of lush green vegetables, a counter top covered with colorful fruits, and a lunch packed full of goodies I happily explain and share with my students when they say “What’s that?”



Day 1 Lunch: Roasted fennel, red onion and asparagus with hard boiled egg and shaved parmesan (not pictured)

2. Experimenting!

Its easy to get into a cooking rut, especially when you’re busy. As of day two, I’ve tried cauliflower “rice” (which was not bad), spaghetti squash (finally! What was I waiting for?), and chia seed pudding with figs, strawberries and almonds (delicious!).

IMG_1482IMG_1470 IMG_9891

3. Being Intentional

When I’m cooking on autopilot, I’m not thinking so much about what I’m doing, and its not as fun or creative for me. This process has helped me to be more thoughtful about meal planning and cooking. My husband mentioned at dinner tonight that having planned meals like these make it easier not to snack throughout the day, or forget to eat a meal and then being hangry later.


Day 2 dinner: Spaghetti squash and ground turkey with cherry tomatoes and collard greens


Day 2 lunch: Niçoise salad. Not pictured: tuna and vinaigrette

There you have it. Those are all the things I’m liking about this cleanse so far. Next post, I’ll tell you some of the downsides. Don’t worry, they’re manageable.

So is anyone ready to join me? Have any of you ever tried anything like this before?


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