Day 6: beef and juggling

No, not that kind of beef (unfortunately). We are currently on day 6 of the cleanse, and I’m happy to say it’s going pretty well! Giving up sugar , carbs, and (almost all) dairy has been easier than I’d anticipated. I feel satisfied between meals, and I’m even trying a few new cooking techniques. I do have some beef (no…turkey? fish?) though…

1. Portions

For some reason, the portion sizes for this meal plan are huge. Like, comically large. We learned this the hard way on night one, when 1 serving size of cauliflower “rice” called for 1 large cauliflower. And we were supposed to double this? 1 head of cauliflower lasted us 4+ meals. After that, we knew we had to pay close attention to what we were doing, and alter recipes as we go along.

2. Schedule

My husband works weekends, so we have had to really plan ahead and switch a few things around to work with his schedule. With a little thoughtful planning though, it seems to be working out ok. Today, for example, we had dinner for lunch, and repeated the Niçoise salad for dinner.


Today’s lunch was surprisingly delicious. I had my reservations about the Collard-Wrapped Turkey Burger. I thought it would just make me crave a “real” burger. You know, with bacon and cheese and a nice over-easy egg running down the sides…..yeah…. But this was really good too.


My first blanched collard greens came out perfect. They weren’t too soft and help up nicely against the turkey burger.


And the avocado was really soft and creamy, almost like an extra sauce. Perfection.



The 2014 cleanse has a variation of this recipe that sounded intriguing too. I would definitely make these again, but I might try it with turkey meatballs instead of a burger.

So…  have you ever had a collard wrap? Have I convinced any of you to join yet? Join me! I’m feeling #bikiniready already!


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