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Considering buying a swimming pool? Here’s another article from our website blog about five things to consider. Be sure to check our website for more practical swimming pool installation and renovation advice, as well as details and galleries of our amazing pools!

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Purchasing a new swimming pool can be very exciting and very scary all at the same time.  This is due to the fact that we really are not experts in the pool buying space.  In the lifetime of any one person they may buy one or two pools.  Very rarely will they be purchasing several different types of swimming pools for their home.  It is important to ask the right questions of your Jacksonville, FL pool retailer when buying a new swimming pool.  This is not only to educate yourself around the process, but also to gain comfort over your purchase in totality.

So what should you be asking your pool retailer?  The more questions that you ask the more comfort you are going to gain overall.  The goal should be to have complete confidence in your new swimming pool once the order is made and you have an estimated date as to when the installation is going to take place.  Let’s take a closer look at some important questions to ask so that you will know you have the right pool for you and your family.

What Type of Pool Would Work Best for My Yard?

The first step of any pool buying process is to figure out what type of pool is going to work best for your yard.  When you go to shop for a pool for the first time, come with some measurements of your yard where the pool will be going.  You need to consider that you not only need space for the pool itself, but also for stuff around the pool.  This could include things such as a deck, chairs, perhaps a grill, and so on.  A swimming pool is intended to be the focal point of any yard from an entertainment perspective but it has to be complemented by some other stuff along the way.  A pool retailer in the Jacksonville, FL area can take your vision and help you figure out what type of pool will work best for you.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Swimming Pool?

It is also important to have some expectations in terms of an average lifespan of a swimming pool.  This is going to depend on the type of pool that you go with, whether it be above-ground, in-ground, and so on.  A swimming pool retailer is going to be able to give you an idea as to what you can expect from a longevity sense.  They may also be able to offer you some type of guarantee around the pool and its main components for a period of time as well.

Will You Be Able To Help Me With Repairs Should Any Be Required?

You want to buy a pool from someone who is going to stand by their product.  Going to a big box retailer and buying a swimming pool is typically a bad idea.  They are not pool experts and chances are they will not be there when your pool needs to be repaired or fixed up.  Talk to the pool retailer you are visiting in the Jacksonville, FL area to make sure that they are going to be trustworthy and available to help you should a repair job ever be needed.

What Pool Will Fit Within My Budget?

Budget is also going to have to be taken into account.  There is obviously a big price difference between an in-ground swimming pool and an above-ground one.  You need to go to a retailer with a swimming pool budget in mind.  They’ll then be able to work with you to find a pool that fits that budget.  It is important to factor in costs outside of the pool’s price as well such as the cost to get the ground ready and the actual installation.

How Should I Care For My New Pool?

Pool maintenance is also of the utmost importance.  When you have a new swimming pool put in, it is important to care for it so that it can reach its expected lifespan.  Talk to your pool retailer about maintenance requirements so that you can leave educated and ready to care for your pool year-round.  Swimming pools do require a level of care and knowing what to do with chemical treatments and cleaning is highly important to its operating efficiency and effectiveness.


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