pump up the jam

Welp, our Clean Eating Cleanse is finally over. After going without most meat and dairy, trying out new recipes, and shedding about 6lbs, I’d say it was a success. Which means, I’m ready for some sugar. There is a nectarine tree in my backyard that has yielded a little less than a ton of fruit, and I can’t give them away fast enough. So tonight, we make jam. The recipe we found online is one we searched high and low for. We didn’t have any pectin, which is usually used for jams and jellies. The reason being, nectarine skins naturally have a certain amount of pectin in them. Bet you didn’t know that. Also, this recipe uses much less sugar. We figured we should try our dernd-est to keep up with some of the good habits attained from this cleanse. So, here is a deliciously sweet, spicy, and (kind of-ish) less guilt-inducing recipe for nectarine jam. Meaning, if you must eat jam, make this instead of buying a jar from the grocery store. How’s that?


We easily used all of these

First, dice up 6 cups of fresh nectarines. I wish I could tell you roughly how many nectarines that is, but I lost count after 47. Just kidding.


To get this jam really jammin’, we added some spice: 1/4t cinnamon, 1/4t ground ginger and 1/4 fresh ground clove.


After bringing to a low simmer and sterilizing our jars, we skimmed some of the foam off of the top. Then, it was time to jar it up!


After filling about 6 mason jars, we put the lids on, and lowered them back into hot water to seal.IMG_1604

Ten minutes later, we took them out of the water and anxiously awaited the satisfying sound of lids clicking closed.

This delicious fruit only comes around once a year, and it’s a short harvest. This is an excellent way to savor our nectarines and enjoy them well into the season.


Canning on a Monday night. We’re crazy.


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