Catch of the Day

Remember the other day when I told you all the awesome things you can do with your freshly caught fish?? Well, turns out I left out a really good one. Last week, we went kayak fishing in the Intercoastal and brought home a couple of nice-sized (18.5 and 24 inch) red drums. We grilled one of them whole, with some lemon and herbs and butter. It was amazing.



like my fishin’ hat?

But it was so big, that we had a small amount left over. So my husband, being the culinary whiz/resourceful maniac that he is, suggested we mix it with some potato and bread crumbs and fry it up, fish cake style! God bless him.

This is known as peasant food, because it uses up whatever you have leftover. To our little red drum filet, we added a small baked potato, some chopped onion and bell pepper, salt and pepper, and some breadcrumbs (or Panko). Don’t forget to add an egg as a binder.


Mix it all up and form into patties. Fry them in a little vegetable oil in a nonstick pan over medium high heat.


While my other half fried those babies up, I put together a simple remoulade. Those of you familiar with my cooking style know that I rarely measure (which is why I don’t bake), so see if you can figure out my measurements by eye-balling the following photos:

  • a dollop of mayonnaise
  • a squirt of mustard
  • a teaspoon-ish of relish
  • a sprinkling of paprika
  • a bit of minced red onion
  • an amount of Cholula (because, Cholula)

Enjoy with a cold local brew poolside, because this is poolside living for sure!   If this is how peasants eat, sign me up!


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